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Increasing sales for Retailers across Europe

Retailers work with us to grow the number of their most valuable customers in a short period of time.

Innovative and effective mechanics are implemented to make sure we maximize your customers participation.

 Our campaings are designed to target the top three deciles of your customer base.
These customers generate up to 75% of your sales and almost 90% of your margin.
The concept is simple and effective: reward the behaviour you seek!
We help you to make your customers shopping experience joyful and rewarding


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To offer effective Retail Marketing Programmes to increase sales and market share of our customers, while being mindful of our overall responsibilities.

Creating value, happiness and prosperity for all our stakeholders. 

  • The world is full of successful ideas that failed because they were not implemented well

    Barbara Mowry
  • The most difficult thing in the world is to find the simple things

    Luis Martinez
  • Profit in business comes from repeat customers, customers that boast about your product and service, and bring friends with them

     W. Edward Deming
  • Fish where the fish are, and if possible, where the big fish are

    Garth Hallberg
  • If everything you try works you are not trying hard enough

    Gordon Moore, co-founder of Intel model

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Eu.board of Directors


Pierfranco Belfiori

Managing Director

I am the founder and CEO of the company. We have come a long way from a small office in Milan to an international company employing more than 50 people and running programmes all over Europe. What I enjoy the most? Apart from swimming and golf, is still what I used to do when I started: develop the best possible programme for our customers!



Marco Grillo

Sales Director

After getting my degree in Economics, I started working abroad with a global FMCG manufacturer in exports. Whilst doing many promotional initiatives I quickly learned the impacts of these. I lived in Asia for many years, before returning to Europe and entering the retail customer sales promotion business.
With the Eu.promotions team I enjoy contact with colleagues and the elements of performance, development and responsibility.



Oscar Goffredi

Financial Director

I am the Chartered Accountant and Auditor of Accounts (Sorry!). Over 20 years dealt with International Taxation, Controlling, Budgeting and Finance for entrepeneurial companies. I'm proud to be a co-founder of this business venture, proud to have given life to a multinational company with an Italian heart. My commitment is to create lasting value.



Jamie Edgar

Eu.promotions UK & Ireland Ltd.
Special Projects Director

With over 20 years experience I continue to be excited to create and develop unique and innovative concepts aimed at our client's core customers – the family. With the evolution of technology and the fact that kids are becoming 'older younger' the challenge to provide integrated concepts that are real 'in-store' events intensifies. Our Special project team thrive on this challenge! Board


Elena Martini

Head of communication & project Department

I am a concrete and pragmatic person, positive and open to changes.
My inclination for lean thinking and problem solving blends with my personal attitude for quality and satisfaction. I strongly believe in people, especially curious people, who love their job and life. For them I try to be an example, to motivate and engage them.
After over 20 years in advertising and integrated marketing communication, focusing on brand communication strategies, promotional marketing and point of sale, my motto follows the words of a great life mentor: Start by doing what's necessary, then what is possible. And suddenly you will be surprised to do the impossible.



Andrea Mezzanotte

Head of Digital
Over 20 years in the digital field with a distinctive profile: digital developer with experience in marketing and communication.
I transform business requirements into digital projects keeping the user experience at the centre of the design process. I have experience working in big corporations, digital agencies and start-up companies.


Giuseppina Navarretta

Giuseppina Navarretta

Head of Special Projects

Curiosity, passion, humour and harmony. Working to create projects for kids & family gives me the possibility to create, explore and express my imagination.
Teamwork and valuable ideas are key values for my job. Enabling clients to tell a story through our projects allows me to challenge myself on a  day by day basis.
With more than 10 years’ experience in the marketing & licensing field I constantly striving to improve and learn plus embracing my energy throughout all aspects of my job provides me with personal satisfaction.
Eu.promotions and the team is my natural home.  A place where it is possible to truly express myself.

Feels free in so far as the imagination is not greater than one’s actual desires, while neither of the two reaches beyond the ability to act”  Zygmunt Bauman



Ivan Rados

Head of Administration
I’ve started my career in 2003 working for audit and consultancy firms and afterwards, from 2009, I covered the role of Finance Manager in different companies where I also had the opportunity to enhance my professional skills through the participation to finance transformation and M&A projects.

Paola Toscano

Head of Programme & Logistic

Once someone told me: "The difficulty is to understand which way to go but, when you realise it, there are no more alternatives. You must go for it".

My every day challenge is to find the right strategy when facing unexpected events. In my job I never reach the perfect result, what is crucial to succeeding is to preview the error and be prepared to manage it creatively and effectively.



Marika Zunino

Head of Marketing and Sourcing

After more than 10 years with FMCG companies, logistics and supply chain first, sales and trade marketing later, I found my way, inspiration and enjoyment in creating the marketing team at Eu.promotions!


Eu.sales team


Enrico Anchini

Sales Director Italy

After 10 years of experience in the FMCG market, in 2013 I joined Eu.promotions to lead the Italian retail channel sales team.



Francesco Tomasini

Sales Manager Italy

Over 10 years of experience in the consulting world, marketing and sales, with a passion for the loyalty market.

My professional goal? Inspire and reward consumers by offering our clients effective loyalty programs; creative and original, always responding to new needs of retailers. The secret to success? Encourage growth... with a strong team spirit! Where do I draw energy and inspiration for my work? From friendships and enjoying sailing trips.

My motto? "A winner is a dreamer who never gave up." Nelson Mandela



Davide Magri

Sales Manager Italy

I started my career in the retail world and I soon had the opportunity to get to know and appreciate the effectiveness of loyalty programmes.
I have matured an international experience and I have been working in the business development area of retail marketing for 7 years. My target is to offer well structures programmes to clients to reward their customers throughout a creative approach and measurable results, using Eu.promotions know-how and the best usage of all innovative and modern engaging means.
“Your wishes will become clear if you can read your heart. Who looks out, dreams; who looks inside, wakes up. “. Robin Sharma


Andrea Zamboni

Business Development Director Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia

I have 15 years experience in worldwide sales and have been Sales Development Manager in the Retail marketing programmes sector in Eu.promotions since 2009.
"Don't let the noise of others' opinions drown out your own inner voice… have the courage to follow your heart and intuition"
(Steve Jobs’ 2005 Stanford Commencement Address)



De Michele

Sales Manager Czech Republic Slovakia

8 years in marketing, sales and POS communication, that’s my job and my passion. I am task-driven and people oriented with a proven track record of success.
My free time is dedicated to Chinese martial art and of course to my family.
My motto? Speak with reason, act with emotion, treat with courtesy and accomplish the result.



Ivailo Borisov

Sales Director Bulgaria, Romania, Russia and Ukraine

Dynamic: it is not the speed, but the acceleration that makes the difference!
More than 15 year managerial experience in marketing and sales within various FMCG, Petrol and  Telecommunication companies.



Anna Altshuller

Sales Manager Russia

I have strong background in kid’s licensing, spending over 5 years with the Walt Disney Company Russia in different roles. My most recent experience was with loyalty, organizing campaigns with Top-5 clients in Russia and Belarus. I see my goal as creating the most exciting experience for the customers, bringing joy to their everyday shopping experience.
I am a dreamer at heart and I live by a simple principal – if you can dream it, you can do it!


Eu.sales team


Alexey Kleopatrov

Sales Manager Ukraine

Over 15 years of experience in sales within various FMCG and licencing companies. My objective - to inspire consumers by offering clients the best ideas and solutions.
“To be successful, you have to have your heart in your business and your business in your heart.” - Thomas J. Watson Jr



Lorenzo Martinez

Business Development Director

20 years of sales experience within multicultural environments and various industries has shown me that there is a common path for successful results. Listen, be innovative, think strategically, deliver upon your promises, commit to other’s objectives as if they were your own, be positive and have fun. These are the fundamentals that I follow to create robust win-win partnerships.
Eu. Promotions strive for results beyond a successful bottom line; we invest in our partners and we enhance tactical actions into longer-term strategic missions.
For these reasons, I decided to join the company and be part of a fantastic group of professionals, contributing towards becoming one of fastest-growing alternatives in our industry for France, Spain and Portugal.


Cesar Rodriguez

Sales Manager Iberia

I have more than 12 years’ experience in retail and licensing at large international companies like Carrefour or Warner Bros. I have a deep knowledge on different sides of the business from finance to sales. I have lived several years in London and Hong Kong so I´m very used to work in international teams and projects.
I love building long term relations with my clients based on trust, fluid and honest communication and excellent service over the years. My philosophy is that their success is my success.
Traveling is my passion and the south of Spain my happy place.

marcin gurda

Marcin Gurda

Sales Manager Poland

I have over 16 years’ experience managing marketing and logistics activities at large international companies.

I have managed projects covering all phases of marketing and market research activities for a big international retail chain. I also spent time on logistical operations development leading all the strategic, operational, commercial and financial activities for an international postal group. Selling Best Customer Marketing programmes for an international agency is a new and exciting challenge in my career. I can always count on my wife and two kids’ strong support so I’m surely on the safe side of the Force...



Monika Kujawska

Project Sales Manager Poland

I’ve been working in Marketing and Sales over 12 years
I have extensive experience in complex project management, creation and implementation of marketing strategies for manufacturing, children’s branch and fuel companies. I deal with creation, implementation and running of the marketing campaigns and loyalty programmes. Many years of experience in sales always allows me to find the most effective solutions to achieve customers designated goals.


Anete Nodieva

Sales Manager The Baltics

Since 2009 with my experience and ideas I joined Eu.promotions team spirit and know-how. I implement the visions of our clients in the Baltics to add strength and value to their business with the best service.



Joerg Gunkel

Business Development Director GAS

With over 15 years of experience in various management positions in Retail, Sales, Marketing, Category and Key Account management as well as in Business Development at global market leaders of the FMCG industry I am very excited to bring everything togetherer here at Eu.promotions to create mutually with our team and our retail partners successful loyalty campaigns and happy and satisfied customers in Germany , Austria and Switzerland.


Diederick van Es

Business Development Manager Benelux

With over 10 years of marketing and sales experience, I particularly love working in the retail loyalty market.
My ambition is to help customers to reach their goals, through building strong relationships and understanding their visions.
By identifying their needs and objectives, I can then provide them with tailor-made solutions.

Outside of work, I enjoy sailing, cross fit and golf. I love good food and spending time with my friends, but most importantly...I love my wife and my two young boys!



We treat each other with respect; we respect everybody’s point of view; we pay our customers and suppliers the same respect we expect from them.


We deliver what we promise, we do what we say. If for any reason we come up short of expectation, we make sure that everything is clear, explained and compensated in a fair way. We expect the same attitude from companies and individuals that work with us. 


We have an entrepreneurial mind set, we take responsibility, we nurture and welcome proactive contribution. 


We go to work with our brain switched-on and our heart open, always giving 100% in whatever we do.

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Latest Charity Projects


In December, Eu.promotions made a donation to the organization Save the Children Italy, for the project "enlighten the future" , which is a campaign to tackle educational poverty in Italy and support “Light Points” - spaces where children and adolescents can get together for free educational, recreational and cultural activities.
Donated items: books, development games, assembling bricks, basketballs, sports bags, stickers, plastic Euro 2016 pins, sunglasses; these will all be distributed to the "Light Point centres" located throughout Italy.
These centres offer free educational activities for children and teenagers between 6 and 16 years old every afternoon from Monday to Friday.
Some mornings during the week, workshops are also dedicated to parents and children up to 5 years old.



Sales for Charity in Latvia

Our Eu.promotions Baltic office has been busy with a beautiful action during the summer: a product sample sale to raise money for a good cause!  A large local family association The Grobinas, "Dzervites" helped with collecting enough money to make a happy start to the school year for 68 kids in a low income family: kids received new backpacks, pencil cases and sportswear for their new school activities in Latvia. 

"Never worry about numbers. Help one person at time and always start with the person nearest you". - Mother Teresa

 Z 2



In full solidarity Eu.promotions has recently responded to the earthquake emergency in central italy with a donation to ActionAid - a non- profit agency taht stands ready to support those affected by the earthquake. Several small towns in the region were demolished and hundreds of people have lost their houses, now they need help to rebuild their lives and houses.

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