A dicembre, Eu.promotions ha effettuata una donazione all’organizzazione Save the Children Italia, per il progetto “Illuminiamo il futuro”  che è una campagna per contrastare la povertà educativa in Italia e sostenere i Punti Luce, spazi dove bambini e adolescenti possono seguire gratuitamente attività educative, ricreative e culturali.
Gli articoli donati: libri, gioco di sviluppo della capacità narrativa, mattoncini assemblabili, palloni da basket, sacche sportive, stickers, spille plastica Europei 2016, tendine parasole; verranno destinati ai centri “Punto Luce” presenti in tutta Italia.
Questi centri offrono attività educative gratuite a bambini e ragazzi tra i 6 e i 16 anni tutti i pomeriggi dal lunedì al venerdì.
Alcune mattine a settimana poi, è attivo uno sportello con dei momenti laboratoriali dedicati ai genitori e ai bambini della fascia 0 – 5 anni.



Our Eu.promotions Baltic office has been busy with a beautiful action during the summer: a product sample sale to raise money for a good cause!  A large local family association The Grobinas, "Dzervites" helped with collecting enough money to make a happy start to the school year for 68 kids in a low income family: kids received new backpacks, pencil cases and sportswear for their new school activities in Latvia. 

"Never worry about numbers. Help one person at time and always start with the person nearest you". - Mother Teresa

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In full solidarity Eu.promotions has recently responded to the earthquake emergency in central italy with a donation to ActionAid - a non- profit agency taht stands ready to support those affected by the earthquake. Several small towns in the region were demolished and hundreds of people have lost their houses, now they need help to rebuild their lives and houses.

 Pescara terremoto 750

Eu.promotions has chosen to respond to Nepal emargency with a donation through ActionAid, a non profit organization part of the Agire network.

Pane quotidiano organization, based in Milan (Italy), has as primary objective to offer free food every day to the poorest people of the population and relief goods to everyone that need help. Eu.promotions donated Ladies Fleece Jackets and Man Hooded Sweatshirts Diadora branded.

Donation to Humana People to People organization. Contribution to supporting the housing & educational centre for children in Maputo.


600,000 people in Italy suffer from Alzheimers, one of the most serious diseases of the modern society. Donation to support for a year a project called "Alzheimer Café".


Concrete help to the Philippines after the Typhoon Haiyan on November 8th, 2013.


Children suffering from heart disease can be treated through the intervention of Italian hospitals and heart surgeons.

2013 BRAve

We promoted education, awareness and access regarding breast reconstruction.

Eu.promotions donated the entire sum to ensure coverage of the water needs of the population of the Kwama Community, in Sierra Leone.


The main project of the Center Mamre, deals with mental health and immigration.

"L'Abilità" organization is active in Milano since 1998 with the scope to provide a well-being to children with special needs.

"Add a seat at the table"

Thanks to Eu.promotions and other sensible companies in Milan, a new cradle for intensive therapy has been donated to the Buzzi's Children Hospital neo-natal intensive care unit.

This center takes care of 90 orphans without parental care...

The aim of this association is to provide care and attention to street children.